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He installation of quenching systems directly downstream of the hot pressing process may be interesting if the heat treated material is compatible with this type of process.

Our quenching tanks are suitable for the use of different quenching medium: water, oil, an aqueous solution of polymers.

The parts may be taken immediately downstream of the hot press, by means of manipulators or be sent directly into the tank by falling.

Depending on the type of installation that precedes the tank, a submerged belt (or a rapid lowering device) shall carry the pieces and keep them in the tank for the required time, while a powerful flow of liquid invests the parts themselves.

The same belt (or lowering device) brings out the parts and conveys them to a container.

The constructions are compact and do not require special civil engineering interventions.

The oil quenching installations are accomplished with sophisticated fire suppression systems (CO2 extinction, rapid emptying, insulated hoods).

Moreover, the tanks may be provided with filtration systems and possible fumes extraction and recovery systems.