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This is the optimal solution for those who need to treat large unit loads or run heat treatments with certainly high cycle times.

The structure is simple and efficient: the tops and sides of the chamber remain fixed, while the only moving part is the floor (or “car bottom” or bogie hearth).

By completely pulling out the bogie hearth, the bottom of the furnace is ready for loading and unloading operations. These can be carried out by means of usual equipment of the factory, such as forklifts and cranes.

The movement of the hearth can be done by means of a rack and opinion system or rope-pulley system, through the use of suitable cable reels.

The door can be in-built with the movable hearth, or with the fixed frame of the furnace.

The presence of driven cooling system directly “in the room” (therefore inside the furnace) allows the expansion and completion of the range of executable heat treatments