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It is a system consisting of multiple chamber or box furnaces, placed side by side, quenching equipment, cooling systems, loading and unloading areas, all grouped in a single treatment department, interlocked by a loader for the load handling.

This line allows a good quality level and shows considerable versatility, thanks both to the range of possible treatments and in view of future extension, also together with easy management.

Its future expansion can go as far as to double and triple the starting configuration depending on the planning and production requirements.

As it is a line equipped with versatile furnaces (application range from 250° C to 1150° C), it allows you to carry out several heat treatment cycles (heating for quenching, tempering, annealing), always safeguarding the uniformity of the temperature required by the different standards, including the aerospace industry.

In this type of line, the material is handled by means of a piece of equipment called “charging machine” (also referred to as “loader” or improperly “manipulator”).

This device picks up and moves the heat treating load through the various stations (furnaces, quench tanks, natural or forced cooling stations, loading/unloading areas). The loader, similar to a forklift, moves on rails or guides that can be installed on the ground or directly on the stations (in special solutions).

On the basis of the configuration of the selected lay-out, you can use auto-rotating charging machines, able to feed two opposite sides of equipment.

The automation solutions can work either with or without an operator, at least, it would require only “visual aid” control of handling operations in order to ensure that loads are stable.

Our charging machines are able to manage loads from 1.5 tons to 60 tons, from 1×2 up to 8×8 meters.

Thanks to this specific machine, we are able to guarantee extremely reduced times of quenching: from 15 seconds for aluminum to 30 seconds for steel, for unit loads weighting 1000 kg to 50 tons and up.